ApexaiQ is offering a 30% discount for Beazley policyholders.

We are a named Cybersecurity Expert Vendor by Beazley.

As a Beazley cyber insurance customer, you understand the importance of ensuring an accurate reporting of your assets and their associated risks. The consequences of getting it wrong could be significant, not to mention the effort to complete the lengthy forms each and every year.

ApexaiQ’s Asset Assurance Platform gives you the peace of mind you need, aggregating and triangulating between your many infrastructure and security interfaces in real time to discover unknowns, determine gaps, and advise of policy violations in your ever-changing IT environment.

The ApexaiQ platform automates the discovery of all your network’s IT assets in minutes: on-premise, co-located, and in the Cloud. In a one-on-one virtual demo, we will show you how you can:

  • Reduce your insurance rates due to technical controls based on the insurers' requirements.
  • Automate the enforcement of policies to stay secure and within the requirements.
  • Automate cyber insurance reporting so that you can provide insurers with the information they require in near real-time. No more spending months filling out questionnaires.
  • Define who can see sensitive information with our granular role-based access control.

ApexaiQ offers Beazley policyholders a 30% discount on the ApexaiQ innovative smart IT asset management platform.

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