Clean asset data​ for better decisions and
a provable reduction of risk.​​

ApexaiQ® is a SaaS based, agentless, and continuous asset assurance platform that empowers you with the confidence to make better data driven decisions & take automated action to reduce your risk.

Apexa’s asset data is deduplicated, prioritized, and enriched to include obsolescence, warranty, vulnerability, and compliance information in a single dashboard measured with your ApexaiQ® risk score.


Environments aren’t static, they are ever changing.

The ApexaiQ® platform provides near real-time asset data for better reporting and a provable reduction of risk to gain control of your

ApexaiQ® gives you clear visibility into the hygiene of your assets. The platform prioritizes your mission critical applications and provides a clear path to remediate issues.

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ApexaiQ® gives you visibility to the orphaned assets, including shadow IT and rogue devices, present in your environment that are no longer in use to enable you to take the right action faster.

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ApexaiQ® identifies end-of-life/support assets by automatically integrating data from major manufacturers into its library. This information is then compared with data from our clients' systems through Apexa’s accelerators.​

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ApexaiQ® provides near real-time visibility of your maintenance contracts enabling you to stay secure and for better buying decisions.​

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ApexaiQ® provides transparent insights into asset hygiene, aiding in prioritizing mission-critical technology assets and offering a clear path to address specific issues.​

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ApexaiQ® provides insights into the compliance status and the security gaps of your assets, comparing them against both your internal organizational benchmarks and industry standards.

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Secure your organization’s technology in 4 steps:

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Enable Visibility

ApexaiQ® discovers and catalogs every asset on your network. On-premises, co-located and cloud.

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Enrich Data

Assets are enriched with information, giving you clean, actionable data​.

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Assess Risk

View security gaps & set benchmarks using all of Apexa’s data points.

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Automate Action​

Know what requires action to make life cycle improvements, reduce technical debt, & eliminate security risks.


The ApexaiQ® platform helps organizations reduce technology risk faster with customizable data source prioritization, automation using configurable rules, and extended data for better insights.

ApexaiQ® data source prioritization gives you the ability to use the data that works best for your organization. You choose what is most relevant based on your internal policies and industry standards.

ApexaiQ® automates the manual work in your asset management process and your technology landscape by giving you the ability to create configurable rules.

Companies that leverage ApexaiQ®’s extended data to manage end of life/support, warranties and maintenance contracts, vulnerabilities and compliance standards are better positioned to maximize their technology spend.

Quantify your entire technology landscape in a provable score with your measured level of risk.

Your ApexaiQ® is a rating for your entire technology landscape, including every asset on your network.

ApexaiQ® computes all your risks and opportunities into a single score, based on your most vital obsolescence and security controls.

The higher the score, the stronger and more secure your technology landscape.

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"Our auditors love ApexaiQ®."

- Brad Kirlin



Cyber Insurance

ApexaiQ® is a product that actually does what it set out to do. To me it is amazing.”

- Jeff Radin



 "ApexaiQ® is immeasurable. I use it myself to go to that single pane of glass. It's very helpful."

- Rui Fernandes
GRC - IT Security Director



ApexaiQ® is very flexible, very granular in the way that it allows MSPs to set the benchmarks themselves.”

- Robert Rains
Information Technology Specialist