From Visibility To Remediation

ApexaiQ is a SaaS-based, agentless platform that provides visibility to your entire technology landscape, discovers all of your security gaps, and helps prioritize your remediation workflows based on the criticality level.

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Banking Use Case

"ApexaiQ is the foundational layer... It's the score that tells you exactly where you are. I don't want to go into a board meeting with Excel spreadsheets ever again."

- Constantine Gavalas
Former CTO

Cyber Insurance Use Case

ApexaiQ is a product that actually does what it set out to do. To me it is amazing.”

- Jeff Radin


Healthcare Use Case

 "ApexaiQ is immeasurable. I use it myself to go to that single pane of glass. It's very helpful."

- Rui Fernandes
GRC - IT Security Director


MSP Use Case

ApexaiQ is very flexible, very granular in the way that it allows MSPs to set the benchmarks themselves.”

- Robert Rains
Information Technology Specialist

One risk rating score that quantifies your entire technology landscape

Your ApexaiQ is like a credit rating for your entire technology landscape, including every asset on your network.

ApexaiQ computes all your risks and opportunities into a single score, based on your most vital obsolescence and security controls.

The higher the score, the stronger and more secure your technology landscape.

Why ApexaiQ?

Secure your organization’s technology in 3 steps:

ApexaiQ for your role

ApexaiQ assists technology decision-makers in reclaiming their time and gaining a deeper understanding of their technology landscape through our comprehensive single-view dashboard. The ApexaiQ platform discovers security gaps, obsolescence, and any critical red flags within their technology infrastructure.

With ApexaiQ, you instantly get:

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